Sometimes I See The Future

Sometime I see the Future is a deep dive into the world of future-making.

The project researches on cosplay, avatar and social media. Beyond the playful self-representation or as forms of entertainment, cosplay acts as a lens to engage in a critical investigation into post-human worlds. It is a manifestation of being and way of creating new communities – it is the experience of otherness and how we consume emotional realism.

"There is, in reality, many virtual me. Today, I incarnated myself into a Japanese maid. A joyous servant to any master, learning how to entertain and brings love to this digital world. I promised... I will dance with you to the end of every metaverse”  


Meta-Humans is an experiement in generating extreme self-portraits. Exploring the concepts of tele-presence in the age of the extreme self. The question is, how can humans become such virtual beings in our accelerated digital culture? Perhaps this social phenomena would be the ultimate reflexs of human solitude, the realities of our digital self, which is in the process of becoming the extreme self that blends into a crescendo of emojis.